Knitters' Knotes

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Knitters' Knotes

Remembering Vintage Pin Cushions

We had a vintage show and tell.  I brought a pin cushion knit in a long narrow strip and then wound in a coil that was made for me 65 years ago!  EP made several to give to her granddaughters as gifts and included scissors needles, pins and some thread.  A long ago gift becomes one for today.    MW

Socializing at the Guild Meetings

I really enjoy meeting up with old friends and making new friends at our guild meetings. It's a great place to connect with people who love knitting and crocheting! NG

Dying Yarn

Thank you for the yarn dying activity & introducing me to ways I can dye yarn at home. It was fun to dye the yarn with other people & get the hands-on experience.   S

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